Biocompatible and Holistic dentistry

In a world that is fast becoming saturated with additives, toxins, and non-natural environmental factors, we recognize the importance of natural therapies and health solutions. Our office provides a latex free, mercury free environment that takes the overall health of our patients into consideration.



Each person is an individual with a unique biochemistry and sensitivity. In order to provide the patient with the most compatible dental material available, our office provides screenings thru the Clifford Materials Reactivity Test. This is done by screening your blood against 89 chemical groups and families and measuring the reaction to each. These individual reactions are then cross-referenced against the largest database of composites, alloys and other dental materials providing a multi-sectional report indicating positive or negative results to over one thousand dental materials. This report will allow us to choose materials that are clinically screened to be the safest for your body.

Mercury Removal

Whether you’re changing your mercury fillings for cosmetic reasons or for personal health concerns, our office is specially trained to ensure safe removal of your amalgam fillings. Our operatories are equipped with ionizers and special vacuums used to remove any mercury vapors in the air, while the patient is protected by special suctions, rubber dams and a continual flow of oxygen to reduce any contamination. Once your amalgam filling has been removed, the tooth will then be restored with either a resin composite or porcelain restoration. Our office offers non metal crowns for those patient who prefer to avoid any metals or alloys in the mouth.